Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to London

After two delicious weeks of being at home and being looked after my parents, it is time to head back to the big city.

It had been such a good, well needed, break. The beauty of Christmas time is that everyone comes home for it. I have got to see all of my family, spent time with my best friends and I have got plenty of lungs full of fresh sea air.

It is always sad saying goodbye and leaving the place that will always be home to me.

At the same time I am ready to get back into my own little flat and my own little life. I am looking forward to my super cosy double bed, choosing what I want to eat for dinner and when I want to eat it and of course catching up with friends.

I am not looking forward to reacquainting myself with my alarm clock and trying to remember what it is do for a living.

See you in a few hours London!

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