Monday, 16 March 2015

Skincare Routine

When I turned thirteen, things turned ugly. All those hormones rushing through my body caused changes. Of course all the normal development happened, but mainly I noticed the changes in my hair and in my skin.

I got teenage acne pretty badly. Mainly my face, by also my chest and back. It was greasy and red and sore and I had it worst out of all of my friends. It was embarrassing.

In an attempt to control and improve my skin, I did lots of research and tried lots of products and was really into my skincare routine.

Of course, none of it really did much to combat my acne. Despite a friends suggestions that I was simply 'not washing my face properly', I was going through puberty. It was my hormones. I also went to the doctors pretty regularly for tablets and special pharmaceutical creams, again none of which really made a dent.

Finally, when I was around 16 my doctor prescribed me Dianette which is a contraceptive pill used to treat severe acne. Writing this, I goggled Dianette to re-acquaint myself with my old friend and have found that is has since been linked with a high risk of blood clots. However, for me back then, it was my savior. Literally in about a month and a half my skin clearer up. It was amazing. Even now at 23 I chose my Pill carefully because of the effect it has on my skin. I have tried a few, and Yasmin also works wonders for me. I stopped taking it for a few months last year, and my back and chest once again broke out in pretty nasty spots.

Anyway, I guess because of all my problems in the past, I am very good at looking after my skin. Even after a big night out I will always take the time to cleanse, tone and moisturize before falling into bed. Saturday, after my morning gym session is when I give my skin an extra treat.

Here is what I use.


Saturday Special


(Yes, I have big pore issues)

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Life has been pretty hectic lately. I had an amazing time in Dublin last weekend visiting university friends (more on that later), and work has been crazy. Which also means lots of after work drinks with the team to unwind. So it is fair to say I have been exhausted this week.

I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with my boyfriend either, so we decided to treat ourselves today to a good lunch out.

We had been hearing a lot of good things about Constancia, an Argentinian grill on the corner of Tower Bridge Road and Tanner Street. As a massive meat eater, my boyfriend was dying to go. Of course Argentina is known for it's steaks and this place didn't dissappoint.

The staff were so friendly and welcoming. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and watching the meat being hung and cooked on a big open grill behind the bar.

I opted for the Gourmet Burger with Oggleshield Cheese and Crispy Bacon whilst my other half went for the Rib-eye Steak with chips, which he dug into so quick I didn't get the chance to take a snap!

The burger was good, not they best I've ever had (i've been on a bit of a burger tasting mission lately, and have ate at a LOT of London burger places), but definately very nice. I should have gone for the steak, it looked so juicy. My boyfriend was not dissappointed with his and proclaimed his Rib-eye 'amazing' and definately one to rival the likes of Gaucho and Goodmans.

To finish, we shared two very naughty deserts, a brownie and a cheesecake. Delicious!